New Nonprofit Creation

Corporate Management

Form 990 & 199 Filings

The Problem

Excessive Waiting Period & Money Spent on Nonprofit Creation

Several years ago our client Natalie decided to create a nonprofit. She wanted to help underprivileged kids obtain basic needs and guidance in the Sacramento, CA area.

Natalie hired a reputable San Francisco attorney to fulfill the corporate tasks of her organization. She to have the nonprofit running as quickly as possible.

Initially, the lawyer’s fees were a retainer of $1,400 and a filing fee of $400. To Natalie, this seemed reasonable at the time.

Sadly, what happened next was a typical situation for many people while creating nonprofit organizations. The attorney took their time fulfilling their duty — it took 1 year, 6 months, and 5 days to finish the paperwork. The lawyer didn’t return phone calls, made excuses for why it was taking so long, and even charged Natalie extra just to drag the process out further.

When Natalie received a free consultation from us, she informed us that she ended up paying a total of $2,700 to the attorney, along with the aforementioned one-and-a-half year wait. Natalie only received about half of the services we offer to each of our clients.

Later, Natalie’s former lawyer even sent her an offer which stated: “Our law firm provides this Ongoing General Counsel Retainer Program, at an affordable set fee of $1,650, plus any government filing fees for annual filings. This is a $2,500 value available to you for $1,650”.

The Solution

1½ Year Process Finished in 6 Months…for Half the Price

Our client Natalie found our process to have staggering differences. Our total wait time from the beginning of starting a new nonprofit to the end is an average of only 6 months, compared to 1 year and 6 months.

Natalie’s lawyer neglected to finish all of the government required documents, compliance, and filings, so we wrapped that up for her.

And for our entire process we charge about half of what the lawyer charged Natalie. Oh, and the annual filings? We’re about half the price the lawyer was charging her, too.

We don’t like it when people get ripped off and dragged along an unnecessarily long process. So we aspire to set a better, more affordable, and genuine standard for starting your nonprofit organization.

Feel free to compare Team Admins prices and services with a law firm. We believe you’ll notice a big difference.

In Short

  • Before coming to us, our client Natalie was charged twice as much as our prices.
  • She waited 1 year and 6 months for paperwork to be finished, we accomplish the same process in an average of 6 months.
  • We had to complete paperwork that the original lawyer didn’t do — which was included in our basic services.
  • Our annual filings, like Form 990 (federal tax form for nonprofits), are accomplished with half the cost of Natalie’s original lawyer.
  • Natalie is able to pour into her community while having everything properly in order.

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Title, Company

[Team Admins] has helped me repeatedly. They helped me start my organization when I had no idea where to begin (and handled all the paperwork)…and all around have been a wonderful resource for me.

Jonathan Cline

CEO, Zazgo

Starting New Nonprofits & Managing Established Nonprofits

Team Admins provides two services: Starting a New Nonprofit and Annual Nonprofit Management.

Starting a New Nonprofit

  • Form a nonprofit corporation structure and purpose ($50 value)
  • Craft a purpose statement that explains the goals and functionality of your organization ($100 value)
  • Draft, file, and acquire certification of the “Articles of Incorporation” ($85 value)
  • Request 24-hour filing service for the “Articles of Incorporation” ($350 value)
  • Acquire “Employer Identification Number (EIN)” ($50 value)
  • Draft the “Corporate Bylaws” ($150 value)
  • Complete the “Conflict of Interest Policy” & “Conflict of Interest Statement and Attachment” ($100 value)
  • Complete “Notice of Organizational Meeting” & hold the “Organizational Meeting” ($350 value)
  • Complete & file the “Statement of Information” ($70 value)
  • Complete & file documents for Federal 501(c)3 tax exemption ($325 value)
  • Complete & file documents for California (or other state) tax exemption ($50 value)
  • Complete & file documents for the Attorney General’s Registry of Charitable Trusts registration ($75 value)
  • Complete the Notice, Certification, and Apostille of the “Joint Special Board Meeting” ($120 value)
  • Hold a “Joint Special Board Meeting” ($300 value)

Total Value: $2,175

Our Price


Annual Nonprofit Management

  • Federal Income Tax Return Filing 990
  • State Income Tax Return Filing 199
  • Secretary of State Statement of
  • Information Filing
  • Attorney General Filing
  • Board of Directors Annual Meeting with Minutes Requirement

Small Nonprofits¹ Value: $2,000 per year
Medium Nonprofits² Value: $5,000 per year
Large Nonprofits³ Value: $8,000 per year

Our Prices

Small Nonprofits¹: $200 per year
Medium Nonprofits²: $500 per year
Large Nonprofits³: $800 per year

Schedule a Time to Create a Nonprofit or Manage Corporate Paperwork

Getting Started with Team Admins

Fill Out the Contact Form

Include your name (and the name of your nonprofit, if applicable) and all other needed information. We’ll setup a phone call to go over what you need done.

We Begin Paperwork

If you’re starting a new charity, we begin filing the necessary documents with the government and help you formulate your mission.

If you’re needing annual corporate management, we’ll start with whatever is most pressing, which is usually Tax Return Filings like Form 990.

Enjoy Care Free Annual Filings

Most of our clients want their paperwork on autopilot. Every year certain things need to be done, like Form 990 and Board Minutes. So that you don’t get in trouble with the government, we handle this for you.

A Little More Info

Corporate paperwork. Compliance. Filing deadlines. Nonprofits have to take valuable time out of actively accomplishing their mission in order to do administrative work required by various agencies. Team Admins specializes in both helping people start nonprofits and in managing them. They take care of the headache of paperwork so you can focus on more meaningful work: helping others.

Team Admins has helped hundreds of nonprofit organizations obtain and maintain their federal 501(c)3 and state nonprofit status. They will help you build a nonprofit geared for longevity with proactive, stable and effective annual management.

Their office will prepare all annual filings required by the state and federal government, including federal Form 990 and state tax return equivalent Form 199.

  • Paperwork robs you of time—take it back with Team Admins’ help
  • They handle the confusion of government filings
  • Avoid mistakes that create costly problems
  • Save on expensive lawyer fees

Team Admins provides free phone and email support.

  • Small Nonprofits: Less Than $50,000 in Annual Gross Revenue
  • Medium Nonprofits: $50,000 – $200,000 in Annual Gross Revenue
  • Large Nonprofits: More Than $200,000 in Annual Gross Revenue

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