Author’s print “John Frusciante”


Country of manufacture USA
Author’s print “John Frusciante”
Author O.zepp
regular size
White color


White T-shirt / Author’s print “John Frusciante”

Author O.zepp
The graphic artwork showcasing John Frusciante as Christ depicts a striking contrast of the colors black and white. The artwork is a detailed drawing rendered in a unique, sketch-like style, which adds an element of rawness and texture to the image. In his hands, John holds a guitar raised high above his head, creating an intense, triumphant atmosphere. The drawing is done on a transparent background in png format, making it ideal for printing on any surface.

The stark contrast of the black lines against the white background adds a bold and impactful element to the artwork, emphasizing the significance of the iconic figure and the message conveyed by the image. The drawing of John Frusciante as Christ with his musical instrument elevates him to a state of divine importance, representing the reverence that music lovers hold for him and his exceptional talents. The artwork is a testament to the artist’s skill and creativity, beautifully combining music, religion, and graphic art to create a striking, memorable image that fans and art enthusiasts alike will appreciate.

The print can be white or black (on a T-shirt, shirt, bag)