Author’s print “Sid Vicious, Sex Pistols”


Country of manufacture USA
Author’s print “Sid Vicious, Sex Pistols”
Author O.zepp
regular size
White color


White T-shirt / Author’s print “Sid Vicious, Sex Pistols”

Author O.zepp
The watercolor portrait of Sid Vicious from Sex Pistols was a stunning piece of art, painted on high-quality watercolor paper. The portrait was done in black and white, creating a strong contrast and capturing Sid’s edgy punk rock aesthetic. The brushstrokes were loose and delicate, as watercolor typically allows for. The light tones of grey and white were mixed with the darker shades of black to capture the grungy, moody atmosphere of punk rock music.

The portrait showed Sid Vicious in a brooding posture, with his signature spiky hair and dark clothing. The eyes were piercing and intense, conveying the rebellious spirit of the punk movement and the fierce energy of the Sex Pistols’ music. The portrait was a captivating and powerful work of art, reflecting both the unique style of Sid Vicious and the raw energy of the punk rock scene. It was a perfect piece for any music lover or art collector who appreciated edgy, rebellious art.

The print can be white or black (on a T-shirt, shirt, bag)