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Country of origin USA
Size on request
Black color
(everywhere the same)


Modern brand of t-shirts – CoverStory

Introducing our Corporate T-shirt Рa high-quality and stylish piece of clothing that will definitely make your colleagues stand out from the crowd! Crafted from premium materials, this T-shirt is available in a classic black or white color, and you can customize it with your exclusive logo. Our talented designers will work with you to create a unique design that perfectly represents your brand. In addition to your logo,  you can also include promotional text, a slogan, qr-code or even an image of your product.

Looking for something even more special? We also offer the option of creating original artwork exclusively for your company, transforming your T-shirt into a wearable masterpiece. This can be anything from a hand-drawn illustration, an oil painting, or even a digitally rendered graphic. With our Corporate T-shirt, you not only get a practical piece of clothing but also a work of art that is sure to impress everyone. So why settle for an ordinary T-shirt when you can have a customized one that represents your brand in the most creative way possible? Order your Corporate T-shirt today and boost your company’s image with style.