Black T-shirt – Middle Ages and Modernity


Country of manufacture USA
Middle Ages and Modernity / Author’s print
Author Olga Shevchenko
regular size
Black color
(everywhere the same)


Middle Ages and Modernity / Author’s print

This t-shirt design is a bold testament to the power of Protandim, showcasing the visible difference in women’s appearance from the medieval era to today. While the medieval women appear worn and aged with wrinkles, the modern women of various ages glow with health and vitality, a testament to the effectiveness of Protandim in promoting anti-aging and overall wellness. The customizable QR code on the shirt additionally allows you to easily share the benefits of Protandim with others and direct them to your personal LifeVantage store. Choose to stay young and vibrant with Protandim and show off your choice with this unique and eye-catching t-shirt.

The print can be white or black (on a T-shirt, shirt, bag)