T-shirt white – Water and fish – health and harmony


Country of manufacture USA
Water and fish – health and harmony / Author’s print
Author Olga Shevchenko
regular size
White color
(everywhere the same)


Water and fish – health and harmony / Author’s print

T-shirt is made in the style of graphics. Water has been a symbolic representation of strength, energy, and longevity for centuries. It is an essential aspect of life that provides nourishment and sustenance to all living beings. Similarly, the fish is a symbol of the birth of life and harmony. When these two symbols combine with the power of LifeVantage products, we get an elixir of health that provides real results that you can see and feel every day. The customizable qr code on the t-shirt takes you straight to your very own personal Lifevantage store, making it easier for you to grab our premium Protandim.

The print can be white or black (on a T-shirt, shirt, bag)