Lost Home


Country of manufacture USA
Digital paintings – Lost Home
Author Olga Shevchenko
Metal print


Digital paintings – Lost Home

Series of paintings “The Road Home”
A woman and her home have always been intricately linked. Home is more than just a physical space; it’s where a woman’s heart resides. The memories of a woman’s childhood, her family, and her personal growth all lie within the walls of her home. But what happens when this home is taken away from her? What happens when her home is destroyed, but the memories remain ingrained deep within her psyche?
A woman without a home can become independent, strong, and proud. She has the freedom to explore and discover her true self, but she can never be wholly happy without a place to call her own. Without a home, she loses her sense of security, stability, and comfort. She may be able to find solace in other places, but nothing can take the place of a home.

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